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Ahad, 21 September 2008


Tribut Buat Kerajaan Yang Tidak Pernah dan Tidak Akan Pernah Berfikir Tentang Istilah KEMISKINAN!!!

Entah sampai bila... Sekalian hamba rakyat akan terus merasai dan bergelumang dengan perkataan ini (beserta maknanya sekali). Hentikan Kemiskinan Ini!

Sejujurnya dari dalam jiwa, andai Pakatan Rakyat beroleh kemenangan dalam acara Lumba Lari Politik Malaysia mutakhir ini (insyaALLAH), KEMISKINAN adalah antara perkataan yang tidak patut dipinggirkan daripada perhatian mereka.


p/s : rakyat Malaysia miskin... malah hak untuk bersuara pun dihadkan... kenapa???

5 ulasan:

Hasbullah Pit berkata...

Ko ingat tambah 0 pada duit akan hapuskan kemiskinan?

Laxmana berkata...

Tambah 0 pade duit aku belah sudut atas kiri tu bukan tanda nak hapus kemiskinan lah Sebol, itu cume tanda kepada suatu kemiskinan yang melampau, sehinggakan aku cuma mampu membayang2kannye jer...


p/s : jauh btul kite dah t'tinggal undi dengan Bro Nuar tu Bol... Adeih!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Pertapa Arjuna,this is a good article since we are a wannabe failed nation as per Taipeh truly malaysian.Lets get really analytical.If there is poverty in MSAI why is that there are 3.1 million non citizens and kway chei girls and dragon ladies?If there is poverty why did they not return pronto to their respective countries of origin--Indonesia Bangladesh India Pakistan Thailand Vietnam China Phillipines Nigeria Liberia Iraq Iran ... and more are coming thru the porous entey points.The day we own our very own Malaysia and not having to share our resouces (RM16 billion remittances from Msia) ,we own the right to rescue poor people by cure forever our addiction to foreign maids cum business helpers,foregn Pasar Borong workers, plantation workers,foregn toilet cleaners, pump attendants ,construction workers,bus and lorry drivers,road side sweepers,news paper sellers,barbers, priests,Petaling street sellers,robbers,black money men,foreign drug smugglers,foregn MISC ship crewmen,foreign catering ,English language,ICT students,foreign Graphic Design students at LKW University etc, too many lor, 3.1 of them plus more coming.....You Know,. u could be rewarded by sudden jobs available instead of waiting for Muhd Taib plan to create 400000 jobs in 2010.There will be no poverty.The 16Billion RM annual remittances by the 3.1 million noncitizens will be saved for the rest of the 25 million MYCAD citizens.Our ex rate will rise again.All because we are saved by d courageos action orf those who will seize the day.ARJUN

Laxmana berkata...

Thanx for your opinion Arjun...

I'll certainly take it into my attention...

I think, its better to me to open an entri, a new entry, for us to discuss about this "poverty" thing...

Dont u think so?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Pertapa Arjuna, Bolih buka satu entry atas permintaan ramai.
You know every time A Menteri open his mouth they will spend billions of RM on "POVERTY ERADICATION " platform.Every year , every budget Federal and State level,they keep on saying like dat for 25 years.Of course there is advances and improvements, but the platform has been diversified and diluted so that every federal ministry and many agencies have a chance to SPEND first the money before their so smart programmes ever bear fruit.Evem agency like RISDA got scammed ...remember... and theh poor DGs and GM got "hanged".For all what its worth, DSAI staterd his road to Putra jaya from BALING in early 70's on the "stupid poverty" platform.C what has happened. C the history books and look at the CDS on sale today.
So let call up those interested in "STUPID POVERTY".Arjun

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